Sorting Challenge

Jan 3, 2017 | Improvement, Quality Management

Have you ever had customer complaints or rejections and have a whole shelf, store room or warehouse of product that is suspect? The customer says there cannot be any more issues. What are you going to do? The customer may require or your boss may demand that someone go thru all the items (100% inspection / sorting) and remove the defective products.

Here is your chance to be that inspector. Take the Ledge Sorting Challenge!

Read the story below and count all the letter “G’s”. A big “G” or a little “g” is a defect. We have a lot of work to do so you only have three minutes to accomplish this task. Post your answer in the comment section below. The answer will be posted later this week. Get your three minute timer ready and get started. Remember, we can’t miss any “G’s” or we may lose a customer.

“A Fairy Tale”
While strolling through a glen, a giddy English girl tripped on a rather large, almost gigantic frog. The girl staggered but regained her footing and was about to go on when the frog began to speak and gesticulate to gain the girl’s attention. “I have not always been a frog,” he croaked. “I was once a gracious knight, a gentleman called Gallant George Grenville, but was changed into this ghastly frog you now see by an ungodly, magical genie. The spell can only be broken if I gain a girl’s good graces and spend a night in her garden.” The agog girl was skeptical, of course. She gazed at the frog’s pleading eyes, giggling, she decided to grant the frog’s wish and took him home, putting him by her garden gate. That night the girl slept grandly and sure enough, when she awoke the following morning, there alongside her garden gate was the gracious knight, George Grenville. Well, strangely enough, for a long, long time the girl’s mother did not believe that story.

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