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“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”– Henry Ford
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ISO & Quality Solutions

ISO Standard and Quality Management solutions tailored to the specific needs of your company, processes and procedures.
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Environmental Management

Tailored EMS consulting with processes and procedures designed to meet the ISO 14001 standard while keeping everything as simple as possible.
food safety programs

Food Safety Programs

Protect your reputation by ensuring the highest standard of quality and safety in your food products from HACCP, GMP and SQF programs.
business services

Businesses Services

Customized business services provided on-site with formulas and updates tailored to your company. 

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Quality Resources

Quality Management and ISO resources for real companies. Including the Ledge Blog, valuable links, and more.
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We are engineers with extensive history as Quality Managers. We understand both the theory and reality of quality system implementation for businesses throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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Threatening Storms of Export Compliance Program Violations for ITAR and EAR

An ITAR/Export Compliance Program is a set of procedures that help an organization operate their export activities in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Although an ITAR/export compliance...

Preventive Maintenance Program Pitfalls

Preventive Maintenance Programs, or PMPs are initiatives meant to find problems before they occur, thus furthering efficiency and profits within the company. However, when not designed or managed correctly, PMPs can actually facilitate additional problems, completely...

How Companies Can Make Their Nonconformance Data Useful

Nonconformance is an unexpected event that occurs in the manufacturing process that deviates from the set standards or requirements. In most cases, these are problems that we unanticipated to arise along the way, derailing your entire plan. Entrepreneurs understand...

Engineering Change Order Risks

So you’ve got a new customer and they are sending some work your direction from the previous vendor.  You make the parts to print, do the first article inspection or PPAP and its perfect. However, the customer rejects that parts because they do not fit!  The previous...

Going Beyond the ISO Certification

While an ISO certification is important for your business, implementing the strategies that you need to take your company to the next level can be quite difficult. Just like any business venture, the planning process is not as hard as the implementation phase. Most...

The Juran Trilogy

Dr. Joseph Juran left us with many important fundamental methods and tools during his years as one of the leading experts on Quality Management. He emphasized that we must balance the attention we give to the importance of the tools we use, in order to manage for...

From Fred’s Desk: Make a Good First Impression

Parents always tried to teach their kids the importance of making a good first impression. As we got older and began dating and then went on job interviews, making a good first impression became very important. Doing some back-ground work to know what people liked or...

ISO Standards in the Food Industry

Did you know that food fraud exists?   The International Organization for Standardization website (iso.org) reports suggest that legit companies that deal with food retailing lose an average of fifteen billion every year as a result of food fraud.   How does...

Common Mistakes Companies Make When Using the Kaizen Approach

It is in the best interest of every operating business to make profits at the end of each business day. As a result, these institutions take advantage of the methodologies and techniques that optimize their profits to the maximum. Some of these approaches include risk...

Why a Food Safety Management System Is Important

A foodborne illness is a disease transmitted by food to people. An illness is considered an outbreak when two or more people report the same symptoms after eating the same food, an investigation is conducted by regulatory authorities, and the outbreak is confirmed by...
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