HACCP Support Services

Food Safety Program Support

Ledge Inc.’s food safety experts assist you in developing a new HACCP program or during the evaluation of an existing HACCP program, where process failures have been identified. Our team’s experience as industry professionals allow us to quickly and efficiently integrate our knowledge of the food industry and related support functions with requirements of the many regulatory agencies and industry self-policing organizations who oversee HACCP and other benchmark programs within the food industry.

Global Food Safety Excellence

The HACCP process, recognized globally as the food safety “gold standard,” is implemented from receiving to distribution across various sectors in the food industry, including food product supply, retail, food service, ingredients, manufacturing, packaging, and repacking. This Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point program is designed to assess and minimize risks by analyzing the flow of food through operations. It empowers employees at all levels to identify conditions, deficiencies, abnormalities, and potential risks, ensuring customer and consumer safety. The success of HACCP has led to its widespread adoption, extending beyond regulatory requirements to become a comprehensive and self-inspection system in various facets of the food support industry.

Comprehensive HACCP Consulting

Our dedicated team of HACCP consultants is equipped to comprehensively develop your HACCP and safety programs, meticulously addressing each of the seven principle steps essential for robust food safety:
— Identifying Hazards
— Identifying Critical Control Points
— Establishing Procedures and Standards
— Monitoring Critical Control Points
— Implementing Corrective Actions
— Crafting HACCP record-keeping systems
— Conducting HACCP program Verification and Validation

Through our expert guidance, we ensure that your programs align with industry best practices, providing a foundation for the highest standards in food safety and compliance.

Streamline Your HACCP Compliance

Our experts have developed HACCP verification and validation tools and techniques that will add value to your organization through trend analysis and continual improvement. Regulatory, customer and third-party auditors will also be impressed with the depth of the activities. Your quality team will be impressed by the ease at completing verification and validation activities with our tools. 

Contact us today to streamline your HACCP Process.


7 Principles of HACCP