SQF Certification Support

Safe Quality Food Systems

Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Code has been benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative (the Global Food Safety Initiative sets requirements for food safety schemes through a benchmarking process to improve cost efficiency throughout the food supply). SQF audits are based on HACCP and require management commitment to food safety. While we provide some standardized tools to help expedite implementation, we specialize in customizing food safety systems to fit each organization’s specific needs. The techniques we have developed improve efficiency while meeting SQF requirements.

Food Safety Management System

Ledge Inc. guides organizations in the development and implementation of a robust Food Safety and Quality System framework, ensuring the safety of food products throughout the production and distribution processes. This involves conducting comprehensive risk assessments, analyzing hazards, and instituting effective control measures to mitigate risks and maintain food safety standards.

Food Quality Control and Assurance Procedures

Ledge Inc. assists organizations in implementing stringent quality control and assurance procedures to uphold consistent standards of quality across their product lines. This includes establishing documentation protocols, delivering comprehensive staff training, and implementing monitoring systems to uphold quality standards.

Food Industry Supplier and Ingredient Management

Our team of experts advises organizations on the meticulous management of suppliers and ingredients to safeguard the integrity of food products. This entails establishing rigorous supplier selection criteria, conducting regular performance evaluations, and implementing ongoing monitoring to prevent contamination and maintain quality.

Continuous Improvement Program

We assist organizations in building a food safety and quality culture based on continuous improvement and compliance. This involves conducting regular reviews and audits, promptly addressing non-conformities, and embracing opportunities for enhancing food safety practices. Compliance with SQF standards not only improves regulatory adherence but also enhances consumer trust and strengthens organizations’ positions in the market.

Ledge’s Food Safety team can educate your organization to take the necessary steps to obtain certification under the SQF Code audit scheme. SQF is recognized by retailers and food service providers around the world who require a rigorous, credible food safety management system. Gaining SQF Certification will allow your organization to be recognized as producing the safest product under rigorous SQF Audit standards.