Quality Manager Program

Quality Managers Who Understand Quality Systems

Quality Manager Training Program Ledge Inc.

Quality demands on manufacturers are continually escalating, accompanied by relentless pressure to reduce costs. Sustaining a high-quality system and promptly responding to customer requirements necessitates access to adept personnel well-versed in quality language, requirements, and tools. Ledge Inc. offers this indispensable service on a retainer basis, ensuring that a qualified and experienced Quality Manager can be onsite as per a scheduled arrangement. This approach enables customers to benefit from seasoned professionals without the financial burden of full-time salaries and benefits.

Clients have availed themselves of this service during transitional phases between Quality Managers, system restructuring initiatives, or when expanding product lines necessitates additional support. The flexibility of onsite time allows adjustments based on evolving needs, and comprehensive training opportunities are provided for in-house quality employees. Ledge Inc. boasts a track record of serving a variety of manufacturers throughout the North East, specializing in maintaining QMS registration, spearheading continual improvement projects, managing customer non-conformance interactions, offering PPAP Support, and overseeing data management tasks.

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