Quality Tools

Quality Non-Conformance Tracking through 80/20 Quality

The 80/20 Quality tools offer a streamlined approach to monitoring performance and recording results in various industries, including industrial, food, medical device, and aerospace companies. Users can access the tools through the Apple App Store, Google Play, or the web app after setting up their organization and customizing dropdown menus to suit their needs. Users customize settings and report issues with detailed descriptions and images. Management receives alerts and decides on actions. Inspectors follow instructions through the app, document completion, and data is logged for analysis. The tools adhere to ISO 9001 standards and help identify trends for improvement.

The 80/20 Quality team emphasizes that many companies experience about 80% of their issues from approximately 20% of their reason codes. The app aims to guide businesses in addressing issues with the greatest impact, helping them leverage historical data and information on errors for continuous improvement.

Custom Quality Tools for Your Business

Ledge Inc. has developed a complete set of Quality tools that are customized for each Customer’s personnel system and data requirements. Tools are all based within the Microsoft suite of software which allow use throughout your business. Quality tools are designed to meet the requirements of ISO standards. Automatic updates and links to databases are easily incorporated. 

  • Calibration Log – List of Calibrated Equipment and their status. Includes color alerts for coming due and past due gages. Meets ISO 9001 requirements.
  • Quality Records (Non-Conformance, Corrective Action & Customer Concerns)
  • Preventative Maintenance Log
  • Custom Internal Certificates
  • Non-Conformance Department/Customer Reports
  • Quality Objective Tracking 
  • Control Plans & FMEAs
  • Microsoft Access Training
  • On-Time Delivery Tracking, accounting for Early, On-Time & Late deliveries & summaries by customer
  • Supplier monitoring
  • Customer Surveys
  • Inspection Records
  • Traceability Records

Reach out to Ledge Inc. if you’re interested in more information on our quality tools.