Quality Management Systems: Discover Why Customer Complaints Aren’t Always a Bad Thing

Jan 25, 2017 | Business Management, Improvement, Quality Management

During implementation of a new quality management system we often ask the question, “Do you have any customer complaints?”

The same answer is generally given, but almost always with two implied meanings:

  1. A serious “No, we never get any complaints”
  2. A joking “No, we never get any complaints”

ISO 9001:2008 Section 7.2.3 requires “the organization shall determine and implement effective arrangement for communicating with customers in relation to … c) customer feedback, including customer complaint.” This is not, in fact, a way for the auditor to know what to look for but instead an opportunity to listen to the voice of the customer. If a customer is complaining to you, you have not lost them yet and you have the advantage of knowing exactly what to fix. At Ledge Inc., we utilize the example of going out to a restaurant and having terrible service, but a good meal. If you say nothing and never come back, they will never know that their service was bad and cannot implement a corrective action. A complaint log should be reviewed with top management on a regular basis and a corrective action should be implemented as directed by the data. By tracking complaints you can better understand what all of your customers may be noticing and not saying. It is a basic concept that is applied to continual improvement in business with an ISO Quality Management System: The most impactful benefits can be realized by correcting the biggest problems. Implement and utilizing corrective actions for challenges and problems saves businesses money by fueling continual improvement and results in happier customers.

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