Benefits of Becoming ISO Certified

Oct 27, 2016 | Uncategorized, Business Management, Improvement, Quality Management

The Underestimated Benefits of Becoming ISO Certified

The International Organization for Standardization came up with ISO 9000, which is a set of standards certifying that an organization has and adheres to the right quality management processes. This internationally respected standard provides maximum benefit to organizations that approach its implementation in a practical way and their customers. Today, there are just about 1,300,000 ISO 9001 certified organizations globally since many organizations consider the certification process as complex. But this is a wrong notion considering the benefits that come with ISO standards. Below are some of the benefits that you need to know.

Improve Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is the fundamental objective of quality management systems. Some organizations can go for certification to win a contract with a particular person who cannot trade with non-certified companies or organizations and have this short-term benefit. However, if your company is certified and buys into this program, you can attract and maintain a significant number of clients by delivering the best quality.

More Revenue

Once you are ISO certified, you have the right to publicize your qualification and respond to a request for quotes from all companies. Hence this standard can open up for you new markets that your business could not access before you earned it.

Better Ability to Communicate Your Company Processes

The ISO 9001 quality management system provides that you should identify and describe your business processes using approved business metrics so as to be able to manage and control your business processes properly. When you use these metrics, quality objectives become the center of your business systems. So, if you honestly implement the requirement of your certification, then you will learn more about your business.

Focused Management and Employees

With this valuable certification, you will be able to have the right metrics, procedures, and quality objectives. Having these parameters will enable your management and staff to focus better on what matters most to the business. Since ISO 90001 certification obligates your organization to audit their quality processes periodically, you get objective and timely feedback to correct any deviations from the productivity path and keep your team focused on your business mission.

Enhance Efficiency

If you run your management system well, your company will be able to move towards perfection. As your business processes become better with time, you achieve your objectives with significant ease. In the process, your business waste decrease.

Waste comes from poor quality and inefficiency, and it is money that cannot be recovered. Inefficiency is a product of variation and inconsistent process. The ISO standards focus on reducing variation and enhancing consistency as a means of reducing waste.

As indicated above, being ISO certified can help you to implement more efficient business practices and focus on your business objectives. As you do this, you can help and support your employees and enhance your levels of customer satisfaction. Whatever the size of your business organization, you can implement these quality processes, save time and money, which will improve efficiency and customer relationships.

Interested in finding out if an ISO Certification is a good fit for your company? Contact Ledge today for more information.

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