Engineering Change Order Risks

Last updated Jun 8, 2017

engineering change

So you’ve got a new customer and they are sending some work your direction from the previous vendor.  You make the parts to print, do the first article inspection or PPAP and its perfect. However, the customer rejects that parts because they do not fit!  The previous vendor knew the part would fail if made to print and had worked it out directly with engineering or production to make it work. But you’re stuck with the issue, as the drawing was never revised.

Variations of this story occur throughout local industries where the get it done and make it work attitude has served many shops well over the years.  However, in today’s world of PPAPs, vendor scorecards and increased competition, the risk for non-documented and approved changes is too high.  Quality personnel cannot continue to let items pass inspection because they ‘know that how the customer really wants it.’  This leads to blame from the customer when something goes wrong, risk that the knowledge of what the customer wants may not be transmitted to new production staff and an increased risk for non-conforming product.

An engineering change program should be implemented that covers the entire scope of the project from the initial quote, to on hand inventory and shipping requirements.  Customer approval and associated drawing revisions are your protection against undue risks and critical to a successful QMS.

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Adam Marsh

Adam Marsh

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Adam is a Penn State engineer that has served as a Data Analyst and Engineer at St. Onge Company for 5 years, prior to establishing Ledge Inc. While maintaining a focus on simple solutions, Ledge Inc. has provided quality system implementation, process design, database development, quality tools, quality training, and data analysis to over 35 companies in South Central Pennsylvania and throughout the country. Adam currently serves as the sitting Chair for American Society for Quality Harrisburg Section 503 and as a member of the board for The Manufacturers’ Associations of South Central PA.



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