ISO Is About Quality Management Not Manufacturing

Jul 7, 2016 | Business Management, Manufacturing, Quality Management

Many of our clients were initially cautious in beginning the implementation of a Quality Management System because they thought we were there to change everything. We have found that companies generally have manufacturing and their core processes down to a ‘T’. That’s how they have become successful and made it thus far. Management, risk mitigation and improvement are the true impacts for systems like ISO 9001.

Risk mitigation drives programs like calibration, preventative maintenance and receiving inspection. Management drives document control, employee training, non-conformance dispositions and work instructions. Continual improvement drives corrective and preventive actions and quality objectives. Quality Systems require management involvement to be truly engaged and effective which is why ISO is not just for manufacturing anymore.

We have helped companies in the distribution, service, and energy industries implement best practice management systems and with the ISO 9001:2015 update will see more focus on these other industries.

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