A Perspective on Food Safety Programs

Mar 5, 2016 | Food Safety

Food safety programs for specific food manufacturers can vary by facility. Each one of these programs however, must fall in line with federally registered or non-federally registered standards for safe food production. These are outlines supplied by the government which will dictate the basic policies that any manufacturing facility for food products needs to consider. Regular inspections will also be carried out to make sure that each company will fall in line with the federal standard for quality.

Without following the guidelines set out by the government a manufacturing facility could be potentially risking a shut down, loss of jobs and more.

The basic food safety program is divided into 5 basic sections that cover issues that range from provincial level standards, international standards, standards outlined by government health organizations, food inspection agency standards and mandates outlined by acts and regulations in law.

Food safety programs need to address a plethora of concerns which range from temperature control methods, controlling hazards in the production line, reducing contamination, labelling for allergens, sanitation, control methods and quality programs.

As well as having all standards in place for appropriate food safety measures in production, each facility will also be responsible for performing ongoing quality checks. Quality checks can range from regular inspection, random product checks and more. Any facility must have appropriate quality and assurance in their production line to prevent mistakes and to ensure all of their outlined methods are being used to full effectiveness.

While it can be very difficult to follow up with ongoing rules in food safety from a manufacturers perspective, many facilities will hire on consultants to provide them with ongoing checks and policy updates so that they can easily comply with all the necessary standards to continue operation.

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