The Juran Trilogy

May 2, 2017

juran trilogy

Dr. Joseph Juran left us with many important fundamental methods and tools during his years as one of the leading experts on Quality Management. He emphasized that we must balance the attention we give to the importance of the tools we use, in order to manage for Quality. The Juran Trilogy is made up of three important managerial tools to help organizations realize the full benefits of Quality Management. The application of all of these tools is for many departments of an organization, not just the quality department.

Quality Planning – Depending on the organization, quality planning may involve the design of new products and new processes focused on the customer’s needs. It should include how we are planning to measure (inspect) new products / processes to determine if we have met the requirements as well as establishing requirements themselves.

Quality Control – In many organization, this is the old tried and true form of quality. It involves making sure that the processes that are in place are working. Things like document control, calibration, inspection and control on nonconforming product. About 65% of these processes make up ISO 9001.

Quality Improvement – Some of the biggest gains and excitement in Quality are part of the improvement processes. For the most part these are project directed at improving products and processes to reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction. Data collection and analysis is an important starting point. Included in these techniques are six sigma, lean, employee involvement and others.

The important thing to remember is that your organization must use all three of these tools with personnel form all areas. The amount of energy applied to any one area may vary over time. We should always be spending some time in all three areas and not let ourselves get caught up at only focusing on the latest Quality fad.

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Adam Marsh

Adam Marsh

President, Ledge Inc.

Adam is a Penn State engineer that has served as a Data Analyst and Engineer at St. Onge Company for 5 years, prior to establishing Ledge Inc. While maintaining a focus on simple solutions, Ledge Inc. has provided quality system implementation, process design, database development, quality tools, quality training, and data analysis to over 35 companies in South Central Pennsylvania and throughout the country. Adam currently serves as the sitting Chair for American Society for Quality Harrisburg Section 503 and as a member of the board for The Manufacturers’ Associations of South Central PA.



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