Problem solving in the workplace

Sep 9, 2016 | Business Management

Any organization needs to have a standard for their problem-solving practices in the workplace. Having a person in a leadership role that can effectively outline a research approach and resolution is essential. Here is a basic problem-solving process you can use for solving some of the largest workplace issues you might face:

Consider what the problem may be and look at not only the symptoms of an issue at work but where it’s occurring. Looking at each of the root causes with a particular problem will help you to start changing some of the initial processes that can generate problem-solving solutions. Review and document your various processes and start to think of what types of revised policies or tools could start to change the problems you are facing.

List potential solutions:
Coming up with a list of huge solutions and alternative processes is a great way you can compare various solutions together before coming up with a final decision. Collect all of the information you can about the process and consider multiple alternatives which can lead to the greatest value solution. This is often a good spot where brainstorming and teamwork can take place in solving the problem.

Select the option that suits your company:
From the list of alternatives you come up with, pick out an alternative that will solve the issue without potentially creating other problems you might not anticipate. Make sure the majority of people are on board with your solution, it is relatively easy to implement, and it can fit within your organizational makeup.

Implement your solution:
Part of the implementation process involves clearly defining how the solution will be implemented, what you can do to facilitate the solution, and how you are going to follow up with the solution. By regularly following up with the organization you can work at involving other people with the implementation process and receiving feedback on how the changes are affecting your company.

Keep these steps in mind for outlining a typical problem-solving process within your company. For additional suggestions, contact us at Ledge – we’d love to hear from you!

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