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The Ledge Quality Business Services

Ledge Inc. staff provides on-site and remote business service support covering areas from data analysis to devoted quality manager staffing. The Ledge team can be an excellent fit when highly qualified support is needed on a temporary basis or long-term contracts. Ledge staff has been the bridge for companies between Quality Managers, during temporary General Manager leaves of absence or as a full member of the leadership teams, allowing companies to take appropriate time in making new hires and to evaluate position requirements. During those periods companies can be assured that customers are being responded to appropriately, systems will continue to operate and improvement efforts can continue.

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quality management services

Quality Management

In order to maintain a quality system and react to customer demands, access to quality personnel who understands the language, requirements and tools is critical.

quality management services

PPAP Systems

Ledge Inc. has developed a Microsoft Excel PPAP system accepted by several large manufacturers which reduces the amount of time required and standardizes the process.
quality management services

Quality Tools

Ledge Inc. has developed a complete set of Quality tools that are customized for each Customer’s personnel system and data requirements.
quality management services

Database Services

Ledge Inc. provides custom database design and data mining in multiple formats. Services are provided on-site with custom formulas and updates available.
quality management services

Continual Improvement

Ledge Inc. has aided companies in both developing, managing and executing continual improvement projects since its inception.

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