ISO Internal Audits

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Ledge Inc. provides Internal Audit support for ISO Standards.

Does your company struggle every year to complete your internal audit schedule on time?  Are your auditors trained appropriately and do they dive deep enough to find problems before your registrar does?  Ledge Inc. provides Internal Audit support with efficient, detailed, comprehensive audits for ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, ISO 17025, AS9100 and many other standards.  Our experienced and appropriately certified team can complete your audits with detailed reports and identify weaknesses before your auditor comes in.  Ledge Inc. works with the customer to develop a reasonable audit schedule, cover the entire standard and complete audits that meet the needs of the customer and their registrar.

iso internal audits

Below are some tips for your internal audit program:

Use a qualified auditor.
Inexperienced internal auditors will often not dive deep enough to truly understand if a process is effective. Ensure the individual is outside of the system that they are auditing and that they understand that this process is to help the system and not penalize employees.

Be careful with checklists.
Checklists can be helpful tools in completing an audit but can often lead to just filling in a box without appropriate probing questions. Process audits often lead outside of the area being audited which can make checklists difficult to maintain.

Include customer specifications or requirements.
Utilize this as an opportunity to ensure you are meeting your customer’s quality requirements not only the quality standard to which you may be registered.

Make sure your audit dives deep enough.
ISO Auditors will only be able to look at higher level documents and a sampling of records. Internal auditors have more time and knowledge of the system allowing them to review in detail documents, work instructions and quality records.

Findings are not a bad thing.
If you identify an issue and take appropriate action during the auditing process your 3rd part auditor will likely not write a finding during their visit.

Ask enough questions.
Internal Audits are designed not only to ensure that you are meeting quality standards and your own procedures but also to take the opportunity to review a process and make it better.

Involve enough staff.
Internal Audits can serve as training for employees that are outside of the system being audited. Diversified employees are critical to growing companies and if your staff has an understanding how the other processes work they can make company wide improvements.

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