ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems

Tailored EMS Consulting

Environmental Management System Process

Ledge Inc. offers ISO 14001 and Environmental Management System (EMS) consulting tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Processes and procedures are designed to meet the ISO 14001 standard while keeping everything as simple as possible. We will work with environmental regulatory compliance experts to mitigate the risk of expensive regulatory related failures. Our customers enjoy a phased approach where each step is introduced, analyzed, implemented and audited by our trained internal auditors.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

EMS Implementation Benefits:

– Improve resource utilization
– Competitive advantage
– Decrease likelihood and frequency of costly environmental emergencies
– Reduce risks of compliance related fines
– Minimize negative impact
– Emphasize your positive environmental impact

Five key focus areas in ISO 14001:

– Environmental Policy
– Implementation and Operation
– Checking and Corrective Action
– Management Review
– Continual Improvement

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