The ISO Standards & the Benefits of Using Them

Feb 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

The ISO standards provide organizations with a set of requirements, guidelines, and specifications to make sure that materials, processes, products and services are fit for their purpose. The International Organization for Standardization has published over 21000 standards.

Common ISO Benefits
Enhancing Performance

ISO standards improve performance by giving organizations the knowledge they require to fine-tune their own operations in order to be able to perform at their best, at every level. This enables them to have satisfied customers, better cost control, and more efficient ways to work, as well as, the ability to implement new working practices more efficiently and faster.

ISO standards also help organizations improve the quality of their services, strengthen the resilience of their IT systems, build successful collaborative relationships with many organizations, and manage projects in the most effective way so as to meet deadlines. Moreover, all ISO standards are geared towards helping organizations to improve their performance.

Decreasing Risks

Extreme weather, serious accidents, and IT security breaches are some threats that can literally bring your business to its knees. One of the chief benefits of ISO standards is that it prepares organizations in advance so that you can turn many risks into opportunities, ensure they do not hit you, or reduce their impact.

These standards also ensure that you understand the risks you can encounter and put effective strategies in place so as to mitigate them, which in turn makes them tougher and more resilient. If problems arise, organizations are better equipped to survive the problem and then recover faster.

Moreover, by reducing risks, ISO standards help to improve your reputation, give your customers greater confidence and give you the ability to implement a better quality management system.

Promoting Innovation

ISO Standards benefit organizations that are looking forward to commercializing emerging technologies. They can make a great difference to the success of such organizations. These standards help businesses to establish the core characteristics of quality products or services, define common vocabularies, and identify practices that ensure successful outcomes.

Becoming More Sustainable

By helping businesses to take a close look at how they are using their resources, utilizing energy, and controlling waste, ISO standards benefits them to save money and improve their own image while benefiting the environment at the same time.

Sustainability is more critical today than ever before. However, people are also more cynical about “green” marketing claims than ever. The standards help organizations to prove that they are actually committed to tackling environmental and social challenges.

By implementing ISO standards, you demonstrate your credentials to your customers, your employees, and other stakeholders. All these benefits of ISO are not only popular with many business owners because they help the environment and introduce better business management strategies, but also make a real difference to an organization’s bottom line.

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