ISO 9001 2015 Update: Things To Know

Jan 10, 2017 | Uncategorized

The ISO 9001 2015 update has now been out since September of 2015 and we are in the prime time to complete the transition. Ledge Inc. has developed a simple approach to addressing the requirements of the new standard, like defining the business context with a discrete document and addressing risk with documented analysis. We have coached numerous customers through the process and spoken about the new standard at 5 different events for local businesses.

Some things to consider and plan for with the ISO 9001 2015 Update:

1. Get a quote from your registrar for the upgrade and get on your auditor’s schedule. Do not trust the registrar to plan this for you as they have mostly been behind the curve on the upgrade process, many just recently completing some of their first transition audits.

2. The most cost effective time to do this transition is during your recertification audit if the timing works out. The auditor will be looking at the entire QMS for the transition audit instead of just a portion so this works well in conjunction with a recertification.

3. Watch your internal audit schedule so you do not double up on audits. If you are changing your system to meet the new standard this year, plan your internal audits around the upgrade so you don’t audit to both the 9001:2008 standard and the 9001:2015 standard.

4. Prepare for a heavier workload from your registrar. Many have asked the clients to fill in multiple checklists outlining their new system and how it meets the requirements of the new standard. This can be time consuming so be prepared to complete the document set.

5. This standard is open to more interpretation than previous versions so be careful to not have an auditor dictate ‘this shall be done this way’ as you are able to meet the requirements as you see fit.

Use this opportunity to review your QMS and rewrite or renumber where appropriate. Ledge Inc. is always available to help with any level of support. Good luck in all of your upcoming transition audits and ISO 9001 2015 update implementation.

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