How to Run Your Business Instead of Running Inside Your Business

Jun 17, 2016 | Business Management

Managers have struggled through years of business strategies to get the most out of their work force.  While incentives, productivity goal and tracking, and training programs are important, day to day operations can be met with the question ‘What do you need?’

Use the following list to help develop a system and core group of employees that can operate independently and raise their hand when they have an issue instead of waiting for instructions.

  1. Employee Training – Are your employees competent at their job?  If the answer is no then either they are the wrong employee for that position or you have not trained them for the job.  Outline a training program that is effective and not overblown and use the experience from your organization to help in that training.
  1. Equipment – Avoid employee frustration with outdated or poorly maintained equipment.  When that computer runs slow so do your employees, it is not worth small savings in relation to the high cost of labor.
  1. Instructions – If you have properly prepared for a project up front, the routings or work instructions should cover how to complete that operation.  Do not disrupt your shop flow with your employees having to figure out all the details later.
  1. Decision Making – Allowing appropriate decisions to be made at the employee level can be difficult but managers must realize if every decision comes to them they will never be able to sustain growth.  Offload decision making ability to the employees until problems reach an area where you need alerted.  Define these parameters and if your employee makes the wrong choice work with them on why instead of punishing them.
  1. Resolve internal conflict – Tense workplaces can be a drain on productivity as employees worry more about the emotional state of individuals than getting projects completed.  Address any conflict quickly as it can ruin a thriving business.
  1. Setting Targets – Employees with a target set early and often know what to do next.  Do not let management’s poor planning have them wait for you to decide what needs to be completed.  Prioritize their projects and let your well trained employees get to work.

Once you have the above areas addressed you should be able to ask your employees one question, ‘what do you need?’ and get to running your business instead of running inside your business.

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