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Calibration Is All About Risk

When working with a new client we like to start with their calibration program because it is a good way to define what ISO really is asking of your company. Many companies have no calibration system or do not have an understanding of what is truly required. ISO 9001...

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Reducing Variability: A Different Approach to Quality

In many organizations, Quality is defined as “Zero Defects” or “Meeting Specifications”. This definition has nothing at all to do with quality, and worse, it will effectively prevent ongoing improvement. Quality should have an operational definition that quality is a...

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Improving Quality Control Tips

A company stakes its reputation on its quality management system. Whether a company is already reaping the benefits of the new ISO 9001:2015 certification or is still transitioning to the newer standard, its quality environment encompasses more than a print and some...

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Why Companies Need ISO Standards

Knowing and enforcing safety rules prevents deaths and is the primary purpose for ISO standards. But there are other iso advantages for your manufacturing company. Becoming ISO Certified, helps companies maximize profits, ensure the highest quality of products and...

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The Internal Audit Overview

Conducting an internal audit, whether outsourced or filled by a qualified staff members within the company, can seem like an overwhelming task. Ledge has compiled a brief overview of what companies should look for when hiring someone to conduct the internal audit. The...

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