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ISO 9001 2015 Update: Things To Know

The ISO 9001 2015 update has now been out since September of 2015 and we are in the prime time to complete the transition. Ledge Inc. has developed a simple approach to addressing the requirements of the new standard, like defining the business context with a discrete...

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Sorting Challenge: Part 2

Our previous blog post, Sorting Challenge, discussed a situation where customers were complaining and rejecting bad product. This could be in a store or a factory with shelves, store rooms or warehouses filled with questionable product. The customer or boss said the...

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Sorting Challenge

Have you ever had customer complaints or rejections and have a whole shelf, store room or warehouse of product that is suspect? The customer says there cannot be any more issues. What are you going to do? The customer may require or your boss may demand that someone...

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